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About us

MyLuxuria has been founded to offer customers access to production equipment. We offer premium quality new and used equipment - with brands such as: Koppens, Baader, Meyn, Frigoscandia, Ishida, Bradman Lake, Illapak, Sandiacre, Hayssen, Ziegra, Scanvegt, Marel, Sepamatic, Cretel, Trio, Laska, Bulldog, Kilia, Hobart, Starfrost, Bitzer, Carnitech, Nienstadt, AEW, Norfo, Formax, Stein, Yamato, Multivac, Jackstone, Risco, Handtmann, Vemag, Geba, Loma, Safeline, Cintex, Tiromat and many more...

As a food machinery specialist we supply a wide range of machinery to a wide range of markets including: Fish Processing: Filleting machines, skinning machines, graders, separators, gutting machine, needle injectors. Meat Processing: Mixers, mincers, bowl choppers, vacuum fillers, derinders, bandsaws. Refrigeration: Spiral freezers, flow freezers, tunnel freezers, nitrogen freezers, refrigeration plants. Vegetable Processing: Harvesters, Dicers, Carrot toppers, cutters, peelers, multihead weighers. Packaging Machine: Flow wrappers, flap closers, carton erectors, tray sealer, shrink tunnels, top/bottom tapers, vacuum packers. Value Added: Fryers, batter application, predusting, forming, crumbing.